Suben a 19 los casos de gripe H1N1 en Nicaragua

Health officials confirmed today in Nicaragua six new cases of H1N1 flu, for a total of 19 that has been recorded since the disease reappeared seven days ago, an official source.

New infections occurred in the departments of Managua and León (northwest), which are the only two who have been affected by the virus so far, said the Health Ministry official Wendy Idiaquez, at a press conference.

The authorities called back to the people to take preventive measures like washing your hands, coughing protect, not to come to close quarters with many people, and go immediately to the doctor if symptoms of illness such as fever, runny nose and dizziness.

Nicaragua’s government declared a national health alert Friday to control the outbreak of the virus, which first hit the country between June 2009 and March 2010, leaving 11 dead out of 2,300 people who contracted the disease

Six provinces of Castilla and Leon, on alert for extreme risk of fire

The Department of Development and Environment of the Junta de Castilla y León has declared alert extreme risk of fire in six provinces in the community in various parts of Avila, Burgos, León, Palencia, Salamanca and Soria. The alert comes recommended by the high pressure at the surface and the atmosphere dry and stable.

Today, several sources are active in the reserve of the Ancares (León), yesterday had to declare alert level 2 in the municipality of Campo del Agua, Villafranca del Bierzo dependent due to the proximity of the fire to the houses. The wildfire forced the Board to request the assistance of Emergency Military Union (EMU) working since then in the area with fifty troops. They had joined large number of ground personnel and air assets.

The Ministry of Environment works on the assumption of arson, as in other fires in recent days on the reservation. The damage has been substantial with more than 300 hectares destroyed by the flames.

Authorities from 110 countries discussed the links between health and poverty

Ministers and officials from 110 countries will discuss starting tomorrow in Rio de Janeiro the relationship between health, poverty and social inequality at a congress unpublished World Health Organization (WHO).

The World Conference on Social Determinants of Health, the first organized on this subject, until Friday to meet the director general of WHO, Margaret Chan, senior executives of other UN agencies and nearly 900 participants, including experts and academics.

This is the first global event launched by the Commission on Social Determinants of Health WHO, an agency created in 2005 dedicated to investigate the non-biological factors that influence the spread of disease.

Within the so-called social determinants of health include economic status, social class, race, sex, education level, housing conditions and employment and also psychosocial and behavioral factors.
Conference organizers claim that the three-day meeting to condense in a final declaration with concrete proposals to governments worldwide to improve the health of the population through reducing inequalities and universal public health services .

The Minister of Health of the Junta de Andalucía, María Jesús Montero, said Friday that the court case over alleged irregularities in the surgical waiting lists of the Virgen de las Nieves Hospital of Granada is “definitely filed,” and wanted to clarify that the last sentence confirms the sentence of SAS harassment to the doctor who reported the alleged fraud “has nothing to do” with the possible manipulation.

The Minister of Health of the Junta de Andalucía, María Jesús Montero, said Friday that the court case over alleged irregularities in the surgical waiting lists of the Virgen de las Nieves Hospital of Granada is “definitely filed,” and wanted to clarify that the last sentence confirms the sentence of SAS harassment to the doctor who reported the alleged fraud “has nothing to do” with the possible manipulation.

Speaking to reporters in Granada, the counselor, who has indicated that the Andalusian abide the final decision of the Superior Court of Justice of Andalusia (TSJA) has differentiated the process that investigated the Magistrate’s Court 4 of Granada, which dismissed provisionally for possible irregularities, which was followed in the contentious jurisdiction, on the harassment of the employee.

In fact, as has been maintained, the Andalusian High Court referred to in the text of the ruling “exclusively” to the moral damages suffered by the faculty, having been moved from the Virgen de las Nieves Hospital San Juan de Dios when the latter ” had special connotations for her. ” Therefore, the TSJA confirms that it has paid compensation to the complainant of 120,000 euros and requires reinstatement in their jobs, “but says nothing more than alleged irregularities in the waiting lists.”

According to the minister pointed out, the matter of the lists was taken by the judge at the Spanish Agency for Data Protection in April of this year and acknowledged “inaccuracies” in the lists, but stating possible violations prescribed, so that the file was “final” by the instructor.

Title (optional)Samsung and Isabel Coixet together against breast cancer

Samsung Electronics Spain, a leading consumer electronics returns to show their support for women living with breast cancer in the fifth edition of “More Than Words”, the charity event each year is done in collaboration with FECMA and Movistar which this year was attended by the filmmaker Isabel Coixet.

In an act that seems to be inherent nostalgia for many, and Isabel Coixet Samsung wanted to position itself from optimistic, smiles and support of loved ones as a weapon in the fight against cancer.

The author of My Life Without Me and The Secret Life of the words, both films loaded with emotion and sensitivity to the fact go on in times of adversity, has also submitted a short film of three minutes in which ten women and two known artists such as Paco Leon and Jose Coronado, are loaded from the face value to display more positive, cheerful and friendly coexistence with cancer.

To realize this willed Isabel Coixet spoil the picture by play of light on the characters. And thanks to a carefully-millimeter aesthetic shapes and colors on the background of the scene, the film is dyed beautiful and dramatic elements that have not gone unnoticed by the viewer.

Samsung wanted to bet once more for the promotion of prevention and early detection by donating to the Spanish Federation of Breast Cancer (FECMA) 10 euros for each unit sold special edition of Samsung Galaxy S SCL Pink Ribbon Gift housing.

In announcing the campaign director of the division of Samsung Telecommunications, Celestino Garcia, said is “the fifth consecutive year that we work with FECMA in the fight against cancer and each edition makes it special. This is a consolidated project, which helps us to move our high volume of customers by increasing public awareness of this struggle. We are all needed. “

M ª Antonia Gimon, president of FECMA publicly thanked the support of Samsung saying, “These initiatives arising from private businesses are an important support for the work of the Federation, but especially for research in breast cancer, the that will provide for a significant part of the donation. “

For Fernando Fernández de Lis, Director of Marketing Multichannel Telefónica Spain “This initiative is part of Corporate Responsibility strategy, within which plays a major role health, as evidenced by the launch of Global Unity health that aims to improve the lives of sick people in particular and the operation and improvement of overall health. “

Technological progress offers immediacy to obtain information and is key to medical progress. With regular reviews of breast after thirty years, manages to win the first battle. However, quality health education should be accessible to all. And Samsung wants to help get it over it if possible.

In Hidalgo, from January to October 2011 occurred in March of hip fractures in women over 50 years and two hip fractures in men over 50 years, caused by osteoporosis.

In Mexico, at least one of every 12 women runs the risk of hip fracture, while one in 20 men exposed to this problem that affects over 50 years.

Annually Mexico has between 11 thousand and 30 thousand cases of fractures of the femur or hip,
which represents an approximate cost of 830 million pesos, according to federal Health Ministry.

Against this background, in the Republic is estimated to occur annually 3 000 hip fractures caused by osteoporosis,

This October 20th marks the International Day of Osteoporosis in order to provide information, guidance and counseling to identify risk factors for this disease.

The State Health Secretariat Hidalgo offers people the 472 health centers to address this disease.


Osteoporosis is characterized by a low consistency of bone mineral and the deterioration of them, which voids become more fragile and prone to fracture.

Some risk factors that help accelerate this loss are being over 50, be slim, small bones, suffer lack of estrogen and have relatives with osteoporosis and fractures. Women are most vulnerable especially after menopause, because it alters the metabolism of calcium in the body.

From the start 35 years the loss of small amounts of bone, so that the Ministry of Health recommends stimulate skeletal development and bone formation optimally before 16 years of age to avoid the risk of fracture, it helps reduce up to 50 percent the risk of osteoporosis in adulthood.

It is also suggested to have a calcium-rich nutrition from childhood, foods like calcium-enriched bread, brown beans, chickpeas, milk and dairy products, sardines, figs, mandarin fish and seafood are good sources of calcium should be included in diet and reduce intake of caffeine.

The delay as the surgical waiting list is 69 days

Palma, 20 (Freedom Balear) .- The average delay of surgical waiting list was 69 days in September, said today the Minister of Health, Family and Social Welfare, Carmen Castro, compared with 68 days of 2010. Castro added that at the end of the tourist season ever recorded outpatient visits increased.

Carmen Castro valued and the health situation in the operating room after the announced cutbacks in health by the crisis. The Minister stated that the performance of the Health Service has been directly influenced by “the economic situation inherited”, to which he added that “we have budget figure for 2011 determines our actions, the former Govern is determined and the as not enough we have had to adjust and have to comply with the Financial Balance Plan. ”

In the waiting lists have been registered the last few days a total of 193 people who must wait 180 days for surgery. Castro explained that this is a consequence of the “economic and financial adjustment” and the shortfall for 2011. He explained that most of those registered are Espases Hospital are: “In the previous legislature had dismantled the service are Espases admission. This government is creating a new service for admission and have found that has surfaced a lot of hidden waiting list. “

Today marks the World Day Against Breast Cancer

Today marks the World Day Against Breast Cancer, with a campaign of the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) aimed this year to women newly diagnosed with this type of tumor, its needs and the services offered by the association . The AECC believes that the psychological and social and emotional support from other women who have gone through the same situation can minimize the actual impact of a disease diagnosed each year in Spain about 22,000 new cases.

In this program, five cases of incidents in which children put their lives in danger by swallowing foreign objects. In the first, a child has swallowed a AA battery and it’s up to the doctor remove it before you burn the stomach acid. In the second, a 7 month old swallowed several coins and a sequin that injure the esophagus and endanger their ability to breathe. Another little boy swallows a toy and is just out of reach of the endoscope. A girl swallowed dozens of pellets of rat poison that can cause life-threatening bleeding. And in another, a child has swallowed three magnets that cause you to develop gangrene of the intestines.
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