The delay as the surgical waiting list is 69 days

October 21, 2011

The delay as the surgical waiting list is 69 days

Palma, 20 (Freedom Balear) .- The average delay of surgical waiting list was 69 days in September, said today the Minister of Health, Family and Social Welfare, Carmen Castro, compared with 68 days of 2010. Castro added that at the end of the tourist season ever recorded outpatient visits increased.

Carmen Castro valued and the health situation in the operating room after the announced cutbacks in health by the crisis. The Minister stated that the performance of the Health Service has been directly influenced by “the economic situation inherited”, to which he added that “we have budget figure for 2011 determines our actions, the former Govern is determined and the as not enough we have had to adjust and have to comply with the Financial Balance Plan. ”

In the waiting lists have been registered the last few days a total of 193 people who must wait 180 days for surgery. Castro explained that this is a consequence of the “economic and financial adjustment” and the shortfall for 2011. He explained that most of those registered are Espases Hospital are: “In the previous legislature had dismantled the service are Espases admission. This government is creating a new service for admission and have found that has surfaced a lot of hidden waiting list. “

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