In Hidalgo recommend action against osteoporosis

October 21, 2011

In Hidalgo, from January to October 2011 occurred in March of hip fractures in women over 50 years and two hip fractures in men over 50 years, caused by osteoporosis.

In Mexico, at least one of every 12 women runs the risk of hip fracture, while one in 20 men exposed to this problem that affects over 50 years.

Annually Mexico has between 11 thousand and 30 thousand cases of fractures of the femur or hip,
which represents an approximate cost of 830 million pesos, according to federal Health Ministry.

Against this background, in the Republic is estimated to occur annually 3 000 hip fractures caused by osteoporosis,

This October 20th marks the International Day of Osteoporosis in order to provide information, guidance and counseling to identify risk factors for this disease.

The State Health Secretariat Hidalgo offers people the 472 health centers to address this disease.


Osteoporosis is characterized by a low consistency of bone mineral and the deterioration of them, which voids become more fragile and prone to fracture.

Some risk factors that help accelerate this loss are being over 50, be slim, small bones, suffer lack of estrogen and have relatives with osteoporosis and fractures. Women are most vulnerable especially after menopause, because it alters the metabolism of calcium in the body.

From the start 35 years the loss of small amounts of bone, so that the Ministry of Health recommends stimulate skeletal development and bone formation optimally before 16 years of age to avoid the risk of fracture, it helps reduce up to 50 percent the risk of osteoporosis in adulthood.

It is also suggested to have a calcium-rich nutrition from childhood, foods like calcium-enriched bread, brown beans, chickpeas, milk and dairy products, sardines, figs, mandarin fish and seafood are good sources of calcium should be included in diet and reduce intake of caffeine.


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