Samsung and Isabel Coixet together against breast cancer

October 21, 2011

Title (optional)Samsung and Isabel Coixet together against breast cancer

Samsung Electronics Spain, a leading consumer electronics returns to show their support for women living with breast cancer in the fifth edition of “More Than Words”, the charity event each year is done in collaboration with FECMA and Movistar which this year was attended by the filmmaker Isabel Coixet.

In an act that seems to be inherent nostalgia for many, and Isabel Coixet Samsung wanted to position itself from optimistic, smiles and support of loved ones as a weapon in the fight against cancer.

The author of My Life Without Me and The Secret Life of the words, both films loaded with emotion and sensitivity to the fact go on in times of adversity, has also submitted a short film of three minutes in which ten women and two known artists such as Paco Leon and Jose Coronado, are loaded from the face value to display more positive, cheerful and friendly coexistence with cancer.

To realize this willed Isabel Coixet spoil the picture by play of light on the characters. And thanks to a carefully-millimeter aesthetic shapes and colors on the background of the scene, the film is dyed beautiful and dramatic elements that have not gone unnoticed by the viewer.

Samsung wanted to bet once more for the promotion of prevention and early detection by donating to the Spanish Federation of Breast Cancer (FECMA) 10 euros for each unit sold special edition of Samsung Galaxy S SCL Pink Ribbon Gift housing.

In announcing the campaign director of the division of Samsung Telecommunications, Celestino Garcia, said is “the fifth consecutive year that we work with FECMA in the fight against cancer and each edition makes it special. This is a consolidated project, which helps us to move our high volume of customers by increasing public awareness of this struggle. We are all needed. “

M ª Antonia Gimon, president of FECMA publicly thanked the support of Samsung saying, “These initiatives arising from private businesses are an important support for the work of the Federation, but especially for research in breast cancer, the that will provide for a significant part of the donation. “

For Fernando Fernández de Lis, Director of Marketing Multichannel Telefónica Spain “This initiative is part of Corporate Responsibility strategy, within which plays a major role health, as evidenced by the launch of Global Unity health that aims to improve the lives of sick people in particular and the operation and improvement of overall health. “

Technological progress offers immediacy to obtain information and is key to medical progress. With regular reviews of breast after thirty years, manages to win the first battle. However, quality health education should be accessible to all. And Samsung wants to help get it over it if possible.

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