Your child has swallowed … What?

October 21, 2011

In this program, five cases of incidents in which children put their lives in danger by swallowing foreign objects. In the first, a child has swallowed a AA battery and it’s up to the doctor remove it before you burn the stomach acid. In the second, a 7 month old swallowed several coins and a sequin that injure the esophagus and endanger their ability to breathe. Another little boy swallows a toy and is just out of reach of the endoscope. A girl swallowed dozens of pellets of rat poison that can cause life-threatening bleeding. And in another, a child has swallowed three magnets that cause you to develop gangrene of the intestines.
On Discovery Home & Health:
Discovery Home & Health Channel is a lifestyle genre aimed at women between 18 and 45 years that delivers programming in the areas of health, relationships, beauty, home and family life. Discovery Home & Health is the television destination for Latin American women, and aims to contribute to your balance and personal satisfaction focusing on different aspects of his life from a fun, real and positive. Launched in 2000, Discovery Home & Health reaches over 20 million households in Latin America in Spanish and Portuguese.



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