Suben a 19 los casos de gripe H1N1 en Nicaragua

October 22, 2011

Suben a 19 los casos de gripe H1N1 en Nicaragua

Health officials confirmed today in Nicaragua six new cases of H1N1 flu, for a total of 19 that has been recorded since the disease reappeared seven days ago, an official source.

New infections occurred in the departments of Managua and León (northwest), which are the only two who have been affected by the virus so far, said the Health Ministry official Wendy Idiaquez, at a press conference.

The authorities called back to the people to take preventive measures like washing your hands, coughing protect, not to come to close quarters with many people, and go immediately to the doctor if symptoms of illness such as fever, runny nose and dizziness.

Nicaragua’s government declared a national health alert Friday to control the outbreak of the virus, which first hit the country between June 2009 and March 2010, leaving 11 dead out of 2,300 people who contracted the disease

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