The Jump Manual Training Program Review

August 23, 2010

The Jump Manual Program is a comprehensive training program which focuses on helping athletes to develop their ‘Vertical Jump’ which is essential for any sport which requires an advantage in jumping height such as basketball or volleyball. The training system has been developed by Jacob Hiller who has specialized in vertical jump training for the last eight years.

Contained in the Jump Manual training system you get the complete workout program that demonstrates each exercise in the Jump program, and what is needed from an athlete to gain the maximum benefit from each workout. Each exercise is given a training video that shows you the correct way to do each exercise so you are completely confident that you are doing the workouts correctly. There are exercises shown for weight rooms and exercises shown for individuals who do not have access to a weight room so anyone can embark on this training program.

The nutritional plans contained in the Jump Manual are an integral part to making gains and avoiding injuries while embarking on the the training program and the nutritional advice and recipes it contains are an essential read for any individual using this or any other training program.

While you are using the Jump Manual training program you are not left to alone to cope with any problems or questions that you may need answering. On purchase of the manual you are given a free one to one coaching with a training expert, you can ask for any advice or training tips via email and this service is available for free for one month. Further advice and encouragement can be found at the Jump Manual community forum where other members post and answer each others tips and questions.

This Health program offers athletes at any stage of physical fitness, practical and easy to follow training and nutritional information that is sure to help anyone interested in adding 10 to 12 inches to their vertical jump inside 3 months to achieve this training goal with ease.

Visit my Jump Manual Program Review for more reviews of this effective Health Program.


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