Does The Truth About Abs Really Works?

July 26, 2010

The Truth About Abs is the number 1 abs program on the internet today and have been so for a while now. It has been used by over 212,000 people from over 106 countries, and is considered a high quality program by fitness experts and past users of the program alike.

Truth About Abs was created by Mike Geary, a personal trainer and nutrition expert who focuses on natural fat loss processes, healthy nutrition, and solid workouts to deliver fast fat burning and muscle toning results.

These are the pillars of the Truth About Abs program:

  • You need to eat for proper health in order to also look your best. This is why the program is rich in nutritional advice that goes way beyond what you can find in other fitness programs.
  • You don’t need any fat burning pills, potions, or those abs workout gadgets that you see on shopping channels in order to shed belly fat and get flat abs.
  • You don’t need to starve yourself or use extreme diet plans to get results. Indeed, this can actually make things worse.
  • You don’t need to spend hours doing crunches, sit-ups, or any other stomach exercise for that matter. You can actually get flat abs with hardly any focused belly exercises at all.
  • You do need to train your entire body as a whole using complex exercises that really challenge your body and make it shed the excess fat that it holds. As you burn fat from all over your body and not just the body part you train, the Truth About Abs program teaches you how to do fast fat burning workouts and maximize your results.

Let me give it to you straight: Mike Geary is a no nonsense kind of guy and this is a no nonsense kind of program. If you’re looking for some effortless solution or empty promises like an electric ab belt or other useless gadget, then this is not the program for you. The Truth About Abs plan is for people who know that a great effort will be required of them to really get flat abs and they’re willing to make such an effort.

A lot of men and women used this program and the reviews of Truth About Abs show how much you can change your body for the better if you’re ready to work at it. However, don’t expect an effortless transformation. Use this program only if you’re ready to make the necessary effort. If you are then it should work for you.

To read more about this program and the way it works visit Truth About Abs Reviews.


3 Responses to “Does The Truth About Abs Really Works?”

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